Alexa Chung Mocks Her Boyfriend’s Diet On Instagram

Alexa chung dating 2019 Image Source The 6 feet 4, blond, Swedish actor — Alexander Skarsgard is quite the modern-day Casanova; his dating history can be described as legendary. Alexander has been known to attract beautiful women and is often the topic of several dating rumours. Who Is Alexander Skarsgard? He was born in Stockholm, Sweden on the 25th of August 1976 as one out of six children. Three of his younger brothers — Valter Skarsgard, Gustaf Skarsgard, and Bill Skarsgard — are also acclaimed actors in the entertainment industry.


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Chung is an inspiration to many fashion designers due to her extraordinary personal style. Further, she has also authored several books like IT, it. uber Style. She has a long history of a relationship as she has been linked with several men. Unfortunately, one way or the other, all her affairs in the past did not last long. Alexa Chung's Multiple Love Affairs!

Fashion Wisdom with Alexa Chung

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After dating two high profile men, and one on-off relationship, there could be nothing about Alexa that remains hidden. The British national is a multifaceted personality and has served as a writer, TV show host, editor and fashion designer. She wrote newspaper columns for The independent and Britain's edition of the Vogue, where she also served as an editor.

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