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Best dating site in halifax I go the gym, swim or squash on occassion. I cook and drink more than I exercise, bad i know, but honest. I am half way through an open Uni Msc. Love anything to do with design, invention, culture, music. Very charsimatic and a good looking fellow I was decribed as.


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Cougars in Halifax are much like the city itself. Relaxed, soothing, friendly, and vibrant. Needless to say, we were so excited to embark on this adventure. Which adventure, you may ask?


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Is Halifax a good city to be single? Depends what you're looking for, say our readers. By Jacob Boon Are you looking for true love, or just a good time? Depending on the answer, Halifax is either a great or terrible place to be single. Dating in this city can be a breezy bacchanal of sexual encounters with an interchangeable roster of gorgeous twenty somethings straight out of a CW drama, or an incestuous cesspool of exes and fuckboys where every new year brings you one more circle down the drain of being forever alone.

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