Swallowing the Red Pill: a journey to the heart of modern misogyny

Dating an alpha male reddit Do you remember that one super hot girl in your high school that every guy wanted? Or she may have not even dated guys in her school but older men instead. If you want to seduce the most beautiful and sought-after girl, you need to do what the super hottie from high school did. How To seduce Any Woman? When you do this, your status will leap tenfold. Most guys will screw this up because they will want to sleep with as many girls as possible, but if you want the best girl, then you need to be very selective.


So let's get down to the science of an alpha male. John alexander is author of how to become an alpha male. Badass looking alpha muscle dominator via flickr. But being stingy is the absolute opposite of alpha.

The Alpha Male Debunked?

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Sure, he tried his luck multiple times, but all he really got out of it were some seriously cringe-worthy stories to talk about on the internet. In many ways, this man is a legend.

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Manly Minute: Dating the Alpha Female

How To Handle An Alpha Male Husband - Alpha Man Smart Woman

alpha male strategies reddit

Remember The Matrix when Morpheus offers Keanu either the blue pill or the red pill? If he takes the blue pill, he goes back to his boring, yet comfortable life. But, if he takes the red pill, he gets to wake up bald with no eyebrows covered in placenta. He then gets unplugged from the Matrix. Most of the posts are about anti-feminism and sexual conquests.