Can't afford Silicon Valley? 10 great US cities for software engineers

Phoenix vs. Tucson - Phoenix Forum Pedersen on Mon, Apr 14, 2014 at 11.30 AM click to enlarge I'm the last person you'd call a Tucson apologist, but even I'm starting to get a little uncomfortable with all of the bashing our community has gotten from long-running animated sitcom Family Guy. The latest jab at the Old Pueblo came in Sunday night's episode, when after Lois and the Griffin family were worried that Peter's business trips had made him too intelligent and aloof, they decided the only way to fix this was to send him to America's dumbest city as a way of reversing his smarts. So, of course, that meant the next scene had Peter walking into a room with a sign that said "Welcome to Tucson," followed by the sight of several slack-jawed and summer-toothed simpletons punching each other in the junk while giggling. The trip apparently worked, as Peter came home as his old dumb self, declaring that while in Tucson he'd seen a wet T-shirt contest using chocolate milk at the Tucson Philharmonic. Oh, and that Battleship was still in theaters here. Stupid writers. we don't have a philharmonic This is at least the fourth jab at Tucson in the past two years on either Family Guy or another Seth MacFarlane-made show, American Dad. Past digs include calling this city unnecessary , questioning the University of Arizona's admission standards and a variety of observations about the region while on a helicopter tour.

Love letters – How to introduce yourself on a dating site

I'm Falling For You.  I really do love them all, they press good buttons and if there was an iota of truth in any of them they would probably have me falling head over heals for them. Maybe useful as templates or draft replies. Hi, dear Yarmi! I am a very sensitive person, and I hope that your intention is not to play games with me! I am a very romantic person! I like to walk in the moonlight, and dream of happiness! Morning walk on the beach of the river, when the silence … people can hear the cry of seagulls in the distance and a beautiful melody of waves … Waves so attracted to her, looking at them, you will forget about all your worries … When you breathe in the air of purity and innocence ….

We Tested the Best Dating Apps—Here's What Happened

Hily dating app uses AI and identification to improve safety and potential matches I was on the app maybe a few hours and it aggravated me so much that i just had to get off. The app is very glitchy and horrible. Do not waste your time. Terrible Jun 13, 2019 by oXlaughinggodXo Tinder or bumble are still juggernauts. This app needs ALOT of work. Huge market for it but you have to tailor it to that demographic. Most users seem to be looking for long term relationships.

'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia': The cast tells their story

Charlie Day Wife, Son, Family, Height, Age, Wiki, Biography Tonight, after years of increasing surrealism, outlandishness and meta humor, Sunny got serious. You have a 13-season binge just waiting for a dance. Rob McElhenney. Very rarely do we have any kind of a real emotional resonance. We like to stretch and do things that are a little bit scary. McElhenney. We stopped very early on trying to predict what people will respond to from us. Then it airs and you never hear from it again. We have absolutely no idea how to predict those things.

10 things to NEVER say to a nurse

With First Date Going Badly, ICU Fellow Tries Albumin Management of Care Health Promotion and Maintenance After taking and passing the exam, a registered nurse must work for a minimum of two years. Nurses who wish to eventually become critical care nurses should work with populations such as families, geriatrics, adults, and children. This intensive education helps critical care nurses perform as professionals immediately upon graduation. Additionally, critical care nurses learn how to take a leadership role in their positions. They learn how to meld theoretical learning with the real-life scenarios encountered in hospital settings. Students also learn how to interpret and evaluate journal articles and medical literature relevant to their profession, so they can continue their education after obtaining their degree. MSN Coursework, Content, and Training Typical MSN coursework, content, and training include a variety of courses focused on science, health, ethics, policy, professional dynamics, nursing research, pharmacology, acute care, public health, physiology, and more.

Why online dating over 50 doesn’t work … and what you should do about it

A Golden Age for Online Dating Open this photo in gallery Pay Chen remembers the moment she soured on dating apps. She was standing in a grocery store checkout line when she saw a man open up a dating app and start frantically swiping through profiles. Chen, a single woman in her 30s living in Toronto, was appalled. For these disillusioned daters, it feels as though the golden age of online dating has ended — even though the sector appears to be booming. The market research firm counts approximately 55 million mobile dating app users in North America alone, and estimates that number will grow by 25 per cent next year.

25 Opening Lines To Use On Dating Apps That Aren't Boring

42 Openers to Use on Girls When Online Dating The rest is up to you. Honestly, who doesn't love receiving a compliment right off the go? He'll have to respond to figure out why he looks like trouble to you, right? Formulating the perfect response is key. This line establishes a common interest right away, giving you something fun to discuss. You've got to know what you're getting yourself into beforehand so that his food preferences match yours, right?

Totally Free Muslim Dating Sites

Want to view full sized photos? Join Now for Free! Totally Free Muslim Dating Sites Being happy with your romantic relationship can completely change how you feel about your life. Being in love can make you feel uplifted, upbeat and full of hope for the future that lies ahead. Although you may be looking forward to sharing this amazing connection with someone special, meeting someone who inspires these feelings in you can pose a tough challenge. Your social life could already be buzzing with activity; you may already have a huge number of colleagues, acquaintances and friends.

Twitter tests new desktop layouts

Are you ready for the new Twitter layout? Sign-ups open soon Shares At CES 2019 , Twitter announced plans for an open beta program to let users test new interface features, plus a raft of features that are intended to make conversations 'healthier' and less vitriolic. As reported by Engadget , the program will begin with simple visual changes, including different types of indents, different colors to indicate whether you're following a person or replying to a tweet, and the ability to collapse replies to focus on a particular one like in an email chain. Happier chatting These are all just visual updates for now, but the site has also been experimenting with more significant new features that it hopes will assist in CEO Jack Dorsey's goal of improving the quality of discussions. These include status availability indicators much like those on Facebook Messenger , which place a green bubble beside a user's name to show that they're online, and may therefore be free to chat. The site is also exploring the potential of 'ice breaker' tweets, which are intended to start conversations about a particular topic, inviting other users to reply with their own thoughts. In March 2018, Dorsey admitted that Twitter had "witnessed abuse, harassment, troll armies, manipulation through bots and human coordination, misinformation campaigns, and increasingly divisive echo chambers," and called on users to submit ideas to turn things around. It's not clear whether the options it's experimenting with now originated this way, but it's good to see Twitter continuing to work with its users to improve its service.

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