12 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up The Personality Traits, Strengths & Weaknesses Of An Aquarius Woman

Dating an aquarius meme Contact Author What Is an Aquarius? The water bearer is an incredible sign. It has a massive capacity for love. Aquarius is known as the humanitarian, constantly getting to know people, drifting around like a butterfly hoping to help others. Aquarius is by nature a healer and an odd duck. There are so many inaccurate astrological explanations of this sign which is dominated by a feminine energy doesn't mean you don't have masculinity , by wind and arguably also water, and a sereneness that isn't easily matched. This creature of the lagoon is one of the calmest, thoughtful, creative, and sensitive beasts on the planet.


Mar 28, 2017 Getty Images Before you go barreling headfirst into a new relationship, the stars might have something ugly planned for you and your latest S. Lucky for us, the AstroTwins are here to tell us the definite DON'Ts for each sign and why it's best avoid them like the zodiac plague. You'll constantly feel criticized for your renegade style which can frighten well-behaved Cap. Spontaneity is your jam.

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March 29, 2018 To paraphrase. they're complicated. If you've ever had the pleasure of meeting an Aquarius woman, chances are the experience isn't one you will not soon forget.

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