Should you tell your new partner about your cheating past? Experts weigh in

Dating someone with a history of cheating Should You Date a Former Cheater? But keep in mind that it may be more likely for a person who has cheated before to cheat again. That knowledge may be tough to keep out of your mind…and out of your relationship. If, however, you decide to consider dating someone who has a history of cheating, then at the very least make sure that you ask these important questions. Does the Person accept Responsibility for his or her Actions? This is a great place to start.


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If your partner has cheated before , you might be wondering if anything's stopping them doing the same thing to you. Will they continue the pattern from their past relationships? Will they sneak around behind your back?

Online love & infidelity. We're in the game, what are the rules? - Michelle Drouin - TEDxNaperville

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Don't believe me? That was cheating! We can blame the genius writers, who craft situations in which the cheating seems defensible and seductive. In real life though, cheating is not this hot.

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By Tayi Sanusi Mar 8 2018 Sometimes good people do bad things. Mistakes are a totally normal part of being a flawed human being. Now that that's out of the way, if it comes to your attention that someone you're seeing has cheated in a past relationship, you are well within your rights to think twice about dating them. Not because you don't have feelings for them, but because you're allowed to analyze the likelihood of them doing the same to you.

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