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Fear the walking dead season 5 How to put it… It allowed them to address their past issues. Hard to say. Later, Charlie snuck past his fence and hid in a car so that she could open the gate for Strand, Wendell and Sarah as soon as Daniel left. Only he drove off in the car with her in it! Not that she needed to worry. So off went Morgan and Alicia, leaving behind Lucy and Dylan to fix the radio antenna and try to reach Strand… who, at that very moment, was sulking about his setback. Meanwhile, Daniel and Charlie became, in a cautious way, fast friends.


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Fear The Walking Dead continues its rapid descent into utter mediocrity. Fear's fifth season is now one quarter of the way over, and it shows no signs of getting any better. Yes, it's refreshing to have Daniel make an appearances.

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The Cast Of "Fear the Walking Dead" Talks About Season 5 Of The AMC Series

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