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Gigi gorgeous youtube red But Gigi was in a good mood anyway, because she was about to engage in her all-time favorite activity. Gigi was about to get glam. At the same time, a stylist ironed her platinum strands stick straight. Then she started experimenting with a low key updo, fastened half up with an oversize gold cuff. An hour later, Gigi looked like the star of some future I Dream of Jeannie remake, set on Planet Glamazon — like a fembot Barbie warrior princess prepared for a glitter battle. Bloopers make great B-roll. And the camera was rolling. Advertisement It started with the shoes.


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She just never thought the movie would be about her. We spoke with Gigi about the most difficult parts of watching the film, how her perspective has changed since being denied entrance to Dubai, and what it was like not having control over the camera. This interview has been condensed and edited for clarity. You first launched your YouTube channel in 2008. For someone who's been sharing her life with the internet for nearly a decade, what makes this different from what you've already shown us?

Gigi Gorgeous, her fiance Nat Getty on engagement, having kids and her new book

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