Jennifer Aniston turns to ex Gerard Butler after Justin Theroux marriage breakdown

Is gerard butler the actor married Butler is a Scottish actor who gained media attention after his role in the movie, Dracula. He has since gone on to become highly prolific appearing in well over 40 films. He was born on the 13th day of November 1969 in Paisley, Renfrewshire Scotland. He is the youngest of three children belonging to Margaret and Edward Butler. Butler has one brother — Brian Butler and a sister- Lynn Butler. The Scottish actor was raised Roman Catholic.


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The actor made his debut in the mid-90s featuring in small roles but has gone on to distinguish himself as an actor with class who mainly plays larger than life roles. In the course of his career, the actor has seen many award nominations for his works just as he has equally won a couple others. Beyond the heroic characters Gerrard Butler plays on screen, he has a life history and family which has not been scripted. Find out all there is to know about his background, career, and net worth without leaving out his love life.

CNN Heroes: Gerard Butler in Liberia

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The man of many talents is also a singer, producer, and musician. Currently, Gerard is 49 years old in his age as of February 2019 and he was born in Paisley, Scotland. Butler is a Scottish actor and he has been a part of various stage programs, films and within the televisions right after his completion of education in law. Gerard is belonging with Scottish in Nationality with the citizenship of British.

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