Emotionally Disturbed/Mentally Ill Stalkers

Mentally ill person harassing me Post-Tribune Sep 04, 2015 7.11 PM Over the course of many years, the Schererville police department has received hundreds of calls from a troubled female resident who has threatened her neighbors, claiming they are spying on her. Her neighbors and passersby have contacted police, too. Jerry Davich, Post-Tribune The nondescript home blends in like another pretty flower in a well-watered garden bed. Its lawn is manicured. Its bushes are trimmed. The single-level house appears well maintained like most other homes in this middle-class Schererville neighborhood.


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Contact other SRP trained professionals Stalking and Mental Illness While many stalkers do not suffer from a mental illness, mental disorders are not uncommon among stalkers whose behaviour attracts attention from criminal justice and mental health services. Ongoing research in Melbourne and New York is attempting to clarify information about the prevalence of various personality disorders among stalkers. Stalking is a behaviour not a mental disorder.

5 Do's and Dont's of Dealing with Other's Mental Illness

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how to report someone with mental health issues

Did I Harass a Trans Person?

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