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Brazil minister of culture The ministry will be followed by six departments, among them the new Office for Economy of Culture and the Department of Cultural Infrastructure. The old boards begin to form departments in line with the nomenclature used in other ministries. The departments are divided into general-coordination. In some cases, the general-coordination report directly to the secretaries. Under the leadership of Mariana Ribas, the Executive Office will have two Undersecretariats. the Strategic Management Undersecretariat, responsible for the management of personnel, communications and information technology and strategic planning of the ministry; and the Undersecretariat for Planning, Budget and Management, following with the internal management functions, financial and budgetary. The Office for Economy and Culture will map the supply chain of culture in a broad and comprehensive manner and will act in partnership with other offices and entities bond to the Ministry System. The lawyer Claudio Lins de Vasconcelos will lead the Office for Economy of Culture, which will act on three fronts. encouraging the sustainability of traditional activities, vanguard and language experimentation; encouraging cultural entrepreneurship; and supporting the development of strategies for the cultural high performance industry.


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Read more here about the main Ministries that have a focus in these areas. That strategy sets the condition that Brazil take a leap forward in scientific and technological development and raise the competitiveness of products and processes within a robust and clear National System of Science, Technology and Innovation SNCTI. In order to achieve these objectives, ENCTI 2016-2022 laid out twelve strategic topics to be given priority in accordance with the challenges and with the guidelines set forth for the National System for Science, Technology and Innovation SNCTI . aerospace and defense; water; food; biomes and bioeconomics; social sciences and technologies; climate; digital economy and society; energy; strategic minerals, nuclear; health; and converging and enabling technologies. In all, there are over one hundred institutes working on studies in the areas of agrarian, exact and natural, human and social sciences, energy, engineering and information technology, ecology and the environment, nanotechnology, and health. Promoting technological innovation in companies is another objective of the MCTIC, which, to that end, has been engaged in bringing the scientific and business worlds together by working in partnerships with various business organizations.

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From Political Prisoner to Cabinet Minister:Gilberto Gil-1/5

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