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Dating in antigua guatemala When trying to hook up with girls in the Antigua nightlife you will have a wide variety to choose from. Like usual in a city like this those tourists probably want to get laid on their trip, but you can possibly have some success with the women who live here also. An important note is that the nightlife here closes down pretty early, expect most bars to be shutting down around 1am. You will mostly need to run street game, or look for girls who are starting the party early at the hostels with bars. You may want to try to tag along on some of the numerous tours here if you see a big group of girls signing up. Usually we would tell you to go to malls but this is a really small town, you will find some Antigua girls at El Panorama or Mercado de Artesanias but not a ton. People are more anti-social than ever making it very hard to find new friends or get into a clique.


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Hearing that from an adorably freckled 20-year-old girl with bright blue eyes let me know that my night was beginning fortuitously, even if she meant it in a prosaic, crowded-scooter kind of way. The jaunt to the convenience store was a short one but I was already enjoying the cool night air and the stares from the Guatemalan and European tourists heading to the bars and restaurants near Parque Central. We passed a Guatemalan police officer. I had just spent the week working in Guatemala City, one of the most dangerous cities in the Western Hemisphere. I actually enjoyed my time in Guate GWA-tay , as locals call it, but the tension was undeniable.

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