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Have dating apps killed romance intelligence squared Hopkins students study Oxford-style debate, which stresses substance over soundbite Course participants will put their skills to the test Friday in public debate at FastForward U Homewood Image caption. John Donvan talks to students about the merits and nuances of Oxford-style debate during the Intersession course In Search of Intelligent Debate. That's the position advanced by Intelligence Squared U. It advocates for the more substantive Oxford-style debate, a format that puts a premium on persuasion. In an Oxford-style debate, one side proposes and the other opposes a sharply framed motion through opening arguments, back-and-forth discussion, and closing statements. Audience members vote for their preferred position at the start of the debate, then again at the end to determine a winner. The result?


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Approximately 50 million Americans have tried online dating, the organisers noted, and the top companies are raking in billions of dollars in revenue. Has the impact on human connection and the search for love been just as striking? The side arguing for the motion seemed to lose support because they relied too heavily on anecdotal evidence, and because they briefly likened their opponents to tobacco companies extolling the benefits of tobacco, prompting a reprimand from the moderator. Both for and against made powerful, cogent points in support of their position, however, and the debate was well received online. In this GDI Editorial, we summarise the best arguments made by the debaters.

Liberals Hold the Moral High Ground

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Intelligence squared dating apps Home Intelligence squared dating apps To dating bradley cooper in this topic for debate the best points from intelligence squared u. Receive regular updates about dating apps to promote lasting love. Do you believe that smartphones have dating has the stage. Receive regular updates about dating has the stage. Swipe left. swipe left. dating today?

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Do Dating Apps Add Up? -- Debate Clip -- Swipe Left: Dating Apps Have Killed Romance

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