Laos: Anti-Corruption Laws Key to Economic Development

How are laws made in laos Click on the image to read more WWF-Laos attended a ceremony for the handover of protected species pygmy slow loris and water dragon to Ban Kern Zoo for healthcare before releasing back to forest. Click on the image to read more More than 77 kg of wildlife parts seized from illegal hunting were burned recently in Udomsai province, Laos. WWF-Laos is invited to represent at the meeting and also to be part of the booths set-up to display the recent activities and achievements of our support in strengthening wildlife law enforcement. Participants from the ASEAN Countries and representatives from the hosted country Laos and other invited guests more than 80 people joined the meeting and also visited the exhibition. The illegal items, consisting of 9 different types such as bracelets, necklaces, horns, teeth, bracelets, pendants and bangles --many from endangered species -- were taken for identification and the Chinese shop owners were ordered to no longer sell illegal wildlife items or reproductions of wildlife parts. This area is well known as a hub of illegal wildlife trade and occurs inside the Golden Triangle, where Laos, Myanmar and Thailand intersect and many markets sell endangered species and their parts such as tigers, elephants, pangolin and bears. The trade takes place in shops, markets, restaurants and casinos.


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Article 19. Seeking to know, Collecting Information The media shall activate for seeking to know, widely, completely, clearly, promptly and timely collect information, to make research, compose the text, news and other notifications. Article 20. Receiving the provision of Information from the Society The media has the rights to receive information from organizations and individuals to consider to publish news as deemed appropriate.

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A ceremony was held in February of this year in Vientiane, the capital of Laos, and the related persons from both Laos and Japan celebrated this major milestone. The Civil Code consists of 630 provisions that will be the rules that support the Laotian nation and society, and it is expected to contribute to realizing the rights and benefits of residents.

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Сборка схем для настройки, регулировки и проверки Организация и проведение работ по эксплуатации, контролю функционирования контрольно-измерительных приборов, систем автоматики и противопожарных систем на объекте.

Участие в составлении графиков планово-предупредительных работ ППР и выполнение Инспектор технадзор по КИПиА.

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