Jamie Dornan makes rare appearance with wife Amelia Warner at Fifty Shades premiere

Anastasia steele and christian grey dating in real life Yet, he is still considered to be one of Ana's closest friends. Those who watched the films know that Mr. Something does not add up here. We get how overprotective Mr. Grey is but give the girl some room to breathe — sigh. In real life, no lady would happily accept her man getting a security guard for her without her consent — think about it. We get that Christian is rich, so having personal security is a no-brainer for him, but why the need for personal security for his wife who is completely innocent?


Feb 10 2017 Alberto E. Fans around the globe have been fascinated with the tumultuous relationship between Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele. But after watching Fifty Shades of Grey, seeing interviews with the two actors, and considering they spend so much time together, I wonder. Are Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson actually friends in real life or do they have a tumultuous relationship, too? While many thought they had an icy start, Dornan and Johnson have grown very close and consider each other good friends, especially after the intensity of their closeness during filming.

Fifty Shades Darker In REAL LIFE... (Matthew Hussey, Get The Guy)

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I write smart, arousing romance while deciphering world events. Fifty Shades of Grey isn't a phenomenon with women just because it's pure fantasy. It should prove to men that they could try asking for what they want in bed before thinking they can't get it, a primary reason men cheat, according to what they told me when I was working in the trenches. I was a relationship consultant for a big newspaper, interviewing hundreds of men over 10 years excavating the relationship, dating, and sex worlds. Modern women want sex as much as men do and they want it in all sorts of different ways.

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5 Actresses That Almost Played Anastasia Steele

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