10 Interesting Facts about Chilean Wine

Chilean wine culture But the people you know, who look to you for advice on where to go wine tasting, or to help them fill up what little empty space is in their cellars, are going to want to know more. Which valleys? Which varietals? Which wineries? Chilean wine country is varied, with multiple terroirs and climatic conditions from the near coastal vineyards famous for their whites, to wines pushing the limit in Chile at over 2,000 feet under the watchful eye of the Andes. There are also big labels, with extensive export networks, as well as tiny little wineries for which you taking a bottle of their wine back home may be the farthest their wine has ever traveled. It depends whether you want to head north to Valle de Elqui, with some of the clearest skies and lowest precipitation of wine-growing regions in Santiago, or out to the coast near San Antonio, where wineries thrive just 4 kilometers from the sea itself.


From the first Spanish settlers who arrived and began planting Listan Prieto in the 16th century to the present day where over 200 wineries have cultivated more than half a million acres of vineyard land spanning numerous climate zones, its wine industry has seen plenty of peaks and valleys. It is ironic considering the fact that while other countries have battled everything from phylloxera to devastating droughts, Chilean wine has been largely immune to these disasters. In fact, due to its location, there have been few diseases and pests, which have eliminated the need for sprays and other chemically induced treatments. About to go through some drastic changes, exports are expected to rise while many are wondering how this crisis will impact the domestic market as the average Chilean drinks approximately five gallons of wine per year. So if you need to get up to speed with this country and its wine history that is unique to say the least, here are ten interesting facts.


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Food and Drink NEWS Chilean wine The land and the climate join hands to produce wines that have conquered expert tasters and citizens of the world. Tweet Chilean wine is for export, a cause for celebration, and the reason for attractive tourist routes. Briefly put, there are good and multiple reasons to toast to Chilean wine. This international presence responds to an old winemaking tradition that is backed by a quality that has been recognized among the best of the world.

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While there has been an explosion of quality Chilean wine appearing stateside over the past 30 years, its first grapevines were planted as early as the 1500s. European immigrants brought more varieties, particularly from Bordeaux, to Chile in the 1800s. This narrow strip of land can produce festive sparklers, crisp and refreshing whites, and bold, world-class reds, plus every style in between. Get ready to take a trip south of the equator.

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