What is a Corvette? And What Next?

Corvette ship wwii In fact it would have excluded the Castle class corvettes of WWII as too large, and other corvettes as too small. The term was kept alive in some navies including the French, German, and Italian as a rank that translated corvette-captain, a rank generally equal to Lieutenant Commander. As it became clear that U-boats would be a major threat, Britain saw the need for an escort vessel that could be built quickly and in large numbers, in yards that had not been considered capable of building warships. They modified the design for a whale catcher named Southern Pride, enlarging it to 205 feet overall and a displacement of 1245 to 1390 tons. They were terrible warships, weakly armed, cramped, uncomfortable, and slow. Single screw, reciprocating steam propulsion gave them a maximum speed of only 16.


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See also the website of Steelnavy. Pugsley, R. Excerpts from Saints, Devils and Ordinary Seamen, 1945, p. Like a policeman on his beat, the corvettes spent monotonous months plodding back and forth across the trackless waste of grey seas that were never at rest.

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Philippine Navy Plans to Acquire Brand New Corvettes Under Horizon 2 Modernization Phase

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