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Different types of dimples pictures Joel Miggler, 23 years old, has taken dimple piercing to another level and that is by literally creating holes on both sides of his cheeks! Find a reputable piercer in your area, call them and ask for the prices of a dimple piercing. Choosing the Right Dimple Piercing Jewelry Dimple jewelry is being provided by the piercer and is usually included in the package. However, there are several shops that offer wonderfully designed jewelry to completely accentuate your dimples. The chosen dimple jewelry should be at least 16mm to 18mm long. In some cases, the perforated area swells, not just because of an infection but as a reaction of the muscles and tissues underneath. If this happens, a small stud will not be enough to move around, affecting the healing process.


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In fact, if you were to peruse all of People's Sexiest Man Alive covers — starting all the way back in the mid-1980s — you would notice a major trend. As much as you may love ogling dimpled dudes, this feature isn't just a guy thing. Women — including some of your favorite female celebs — also have the adorable depressions. But what even are dimples anyway? Here's the truth about these incredibly unique indentations.

A cute girl with indents in her cheeks when she smiles? The newest trend of back dimples?

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What Causes Dimples?