Gross Profit Margin Ratio Analysis

Gross profit margin percentage Most small businesses start as "flying by the seat of your pants" operations, with little use of data for decision making. As the business grows, however, it becomes essential to introduce ways of measuring and assessing various aspects of the business to ensure growth and profitability. The gross profit margin percentage is one of these basic and useful assessment tools. Tip To calculate the gross profit margin percentage, divide gross profits by total revenue. Three Definitions to Get Started Here are useful definitions related to the calculation. Gross profit. What's left after deducting the cost of making and selling the product.


gross profit margin analysis

By Joshua Kennon Updated January 07, 2019 At its core, the gross profit margin measures a company's manufacturing or production process efficiency. Any money left over goes to pay selling, general, and administrative expenses such as salaries, research and development , and marketing, which appear further down the income statement. All else equal, the higher the gross profit margin, the better.

How to calculate Gross Profit (aka Gross Margin)

Gross profit is equal to net sales revenue minus the cost of goods sold. Net sales is equal to gross revenue minus returns, allowances, and discounts. Divide gross profit by net sales to find the gross profit margin in percentage terms. There are several layers of profitability that analysts monitor to assess the performance of a company, including gross profit, operating profit , and net income. Each level provides information about a company's profitability.

Gross Margin and Operating Margin explained

net profit

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