Book Reading: Feisty at Fifty by Sudha Menon

Life begins at 50 book This is perhaps the greatest gift any generation of humans has ever received, and to grasp it, all you need to do is overcome your own mental obstacles. It is reality right now. Thanks to heroic advances in medicine and public health, Americans are living longer than ever before. Increased longevity is not news, but what fewer people realize is that recent findings in psychology, brain science and economics all confirm a surprise. Contrary to the stereotype of late adulthood as a time of relinquishment, sadness and decline, it tends to be the most satisfying time of life. Yes, the aging process works against happiness — but only through middle age. Most people do not have a crisis in midlife, but many do experience a difficult period of restlessness and disappointment.


We have all heard the time worn phrase life begins at 40 and of course the pithy rejoinder and ends at 41. How many of us know the origin of the phrase or even understand what it is trying to say to us. The first part of the saying, which appeared on the scene in the early part of the 20 th Century was actually a popular saying and gained currency Life Begins At 50 [Grace Hall on Amazon. FREE shipping on qualifying offers.

Life begins at 50.

how to be happy at 50

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