How a Hidden TB Infection Caused One Woman's Infertility

Tb in uterus causes Search Having fertility problems? Shutterstock With over 20 lakh cases of Tuberculosis worldwide, India is the second leading country to contribute to the mortality rate. Usually, the TB bacteria affects the lungs, and if left unnoticed, it can also spread throughout the body and cause secondary infections to the kidneys, abdomen, brain, uterus and even the fallopian tubes. Genital TB can be a great cause of concern for both the partners if they are trying to conceive. The infections can spread to the uterus and cause thinning of the endometrium, thereby creating a barrier in development of the foetus. TB in females is a chronic disease with low-grade symptoms.


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As I was sitting in the clinic, a 30-year-old woman was the second patient that day to be diagnosed with female genital tuberculosis—a form of extra-pulmonary tuberculosis that is always secondary to tuberculosis infection elsewhere in the body. It had been less than an hour since the clinic had opened at about 11 am. You mark my words.

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India. Genital tuberculosis a major reason for infertility among women It all started with mild abdominal pain and irregular vaginal bleeding for 30-year-old Isha Ravi. Failing to heed the symptoms, the problem aggravated and Isha began to suffer from irregular periods, chest pain and pain in the abdomen. Despite umpteen attempts by Isha and her husband, the couple failed to conceive. It was a moment of shock for Isha and her husband, when the doctor revealed that she was an acute patient of "Genital Tuberculosis".

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