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Terry tibbs price drop tv References Series 2 finished filming in July 2011 and premiered on 27 March 2012. The series concluded on 1 May 2012. Novak plans to create a film based on the show's characters, and is currently in talks with Film4 and Hat Trick Productions. Exclusive facejacker series 2 episode 2 augustus river patrol full clip hd Characters Augustus Kwembe is a very polite Ugandan scammer from the Republic of Uganda. He is based on the Fonejacker character George Agdgdgwngo.


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Television Prankster's paradise. Fonejacker hits the streets He stars in Chris Morris's upcoming Four Lions and his new show is Fonejacker with added prosthetics. Flick through the comedy history books and the TV prank show doesn't come off too well. Whether it's Jeremy Beadle wearing a joke shop beard, Dom Joly barking into a jumbo-sized mobile phone or Rio Ferdinand "merking" a baffled celeb bezzie, the whiff of whoopee cushion-clutching staleness is hard to escape. Kayvan Novak is out to change all that. After a career as a jobbing actor brought the obligatory roles in Spooks, Holby City and glum George Clooney thriller Syriana "I played a lot of pimps, villains and evil Turks called Mustapha," laughs Kayvan adopting a tache-twirling baddie voice , he finally won fame and the 2008 Best Comedy Bafta for E4's Fonejacker.

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