'Oh My Venus" So Ji Sup And Shin Min Ah, The Start Of A Sweet Dating

Dating cafeteria book oh my venus ManagerMin is close behind YoungHo calling for help. While Venus is waiting for YoungHo a mirror falls onto the floor and breaks. The champ finally gets to reconcile with his birth mother and she promises to give him lots of hugs in the future. YoungJoon says he attempted suicide because he thought he was causing all the problems but he promises to not do that again. Dad tells ManagerMin to handle things carefully since all of the victims were also perpetrators. They will need to settle with DirChoi.


Though he is famous and world-known, he's currently in hiding since he is running away from a scandal that he may or may not be involved it. It just so happens that these two are coming back on the same flight from America to Korea when our heroine let's call her Oh My Venus passes out. Our hero let's call him Mr.

[Comeback Stage] OH MY GIRL - Coloring Book, 오마이걸 - 컬러링북 Show Music core 20170408

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Classical Musicians React: Oh My Girl 'Coloring Book'

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