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Dating homer laughlin china Treasures. Wannabe fine china cracked in style and value Courtesy Joe Rosson and Helaine Fendelman Today, Homer Laughlin is best known for its Fiesta ware, but it produced many other types of dinnerware. The decorations on each item appear to be hand-painted. There is a complete service for eight plus a large platter and a covered oval vegetable. Thank you. Some claim the predecessor to this now well-known firm came into being in 1869 when Homer Laughlin formed a partnership with Nathaniel Simms in East Liverpool, Ohio.


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There has been some question as to which date is correct. Homer and Shakespeare Laughlin started the company, but in 1877, Shakespeare withdrew his partnership. In 1896, it was incorporated as "Homer Laughlin China Company". Also, during that period, it was announced that their pottery had won the medal and highest diploma for Best White Granite at the Centennial Exposition of 1876.

TWT 02.17.17: Homer Laughlin Expands, Villeroy Financial Results, and Ambiente!

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Who was Homer Laughlin?

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