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Dating in the dark mtv latest episode 9 Television This is another of those weeks when we once again lament the rash stupid decision by the Warner Bros. Of course when the episode was written and shot, no one knew what fate would befall the series after the first episode dropped. Todd should know better than to poke at dead things, but poke he does and comes back with a scratched arm. At work in the morning, that scratch begins to iritate him and then he sees a snake go into the water in the sink. Neither Liz or her dad saw it, but Todd suddenly starts freaking out as he sees a snake now wrapped around his arm. The show so far has been doling out nice little bits of body horror but this moment takes the cake as Todd starts slashing at his arm, then gets a bit stabby before plunging it into the garbage disposal and turning it on, drawing back a bloody, floppy stump. It took a few minutes to get my jaw off the floor but good on them for pushing it that far sadly, moments like this are probably was doomed the show.


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The Caped Crusader has been portrayed by more actors than any other superhero in movie history — nine to be exact. Most have lasted for just one film, but with the release of The Dark Knight Rises, Christian Bale became the first man to have played Bruce Wayne and his alter-ego more than twice on the silver screen. Whether he'll pop on the bat hat for more DC movies is currently up for speculation but probably not.

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