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Use the word trout in a sentence However, it seems to be more usual to say "there is a shortage of cod in the North Sea" and "salmon is plentiful in the River Dee". Obviously the plural definition is meant in both cases. PS. In the UK, a "trout" doesn't always mean a fish, but we'll not even go there.... I hope you weren't talking about the latter ;-. Look at these two sentences. The deer is jumping over the fence. The deer are jumping over the fence. Run these by a native speaker and he or she will immediately know that there is only one deer in the first sentence, but two or more deer in the second sentence.


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Trout Sentence Examples Trout and salmon are plentiful in the river. It is well stocked with trout, and the steep declivities of the lower valley furnish red wines of excellent quality. The streams in the neighbourhood are in favour with trout fishermen. The Teme abounds in trout and grayling, and Tenbury is in favour with anglers. Of freshwater fish the trout of the mountain streams and the eels of the coast lagoons may be mentioned.

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