Audrina Patridge and Justin Bobby reunite in sneak peek trailer of The Hills: New Beginnings

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The Hills. New Beginning official trailer, which yes, is once again scored by Bedingfield's "Unwritten," shows the now all-grown up cast back together and catching up on all that's happened since they said goodbye nearly a decade ago. Yes, he's back, and even though homeboy's no longer wearing combat boots on the beach he's appropriately barefoot in this trailer, ICYMI it appears he's still bringing the drama. In the final moments of the trailer, Audrina and Justin Bobby are spotted in a familiar scene, out to dinner in a darkly lit spot with the camera pushing in a little too close. And with a clinking of their wine glasses and sly smile from Audrina, who let's him know they're just friends, Justin Bobby gets the last word, "I think it's just getting started.

The Cast of The Hills: New Beginnings Goes Head-to-Head in OG Hills Trivia - Cosmopolitan

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The Hills: A look back at all of the hook ups and breakups

Audrina and Justin/Kristin 'The One'

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