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Automatic updating of excel tables in powerpoint slides This is done via the steps described in Changing the document being exported to. How the updating works Every table and chart which appears in the Report tree contains an invisible code. When charts and tables are exported form Q to PowerPoint this invisible code is hidden in the exported objects. When Q exports a table or chart to PowerPoint and Excel it scans the documents to see if the code is contained within the document and, if it is found, the option of updating is provided. This updating mechanism is relatively robust and can be used to update a document from multiple Q projects and also to update multiple different documents from a single Q project.


Chart template files — the. You can use this design and apply it to other charts within PowerPoint, using the Change Chart Type button in the design ribbon. PowerPoint saves the template as an external file. On your PC, these appear as Chart Template, or. There is an art to creating good templates.

How To Update PowerPoint content using Excel and VBA

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PowerPoint - embed Excel spreadsheet into Slides

How to link PowerPoint to Excel for dynamic data updates?

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