Ideal to real: What the 'perfect' body really looks like for men and women

Average american woman body type View the BMI Graph With the rise of mass media throughout the 20th century, the popular image of women in America has undergone a substantial change. From Marilyn Monroe to Kate Moss, the body shapes of the most admired models have remained consistently slimmer than that of the average American woman, representing a nearly impossible ideal. This has resulted in a severe rise in weight anxieties and negative body image among women and girls. Dissatisfaction with weight is nearly universal among women, while dieting is pervasive. Girls as young as 6 are commonly unhappy with their weight. This trend has likewise been reflected around the world wherever this media culture has become dominant. The result has been the massive spread of previously rare eating disorders and lifelong unhappiness toward one's own body.


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Above is the "ideal" body of a woman left. On the right, the average body of a young woman, based on BMI. How do we develop these ideals and how close do our own bodies come to them?

Perfect Height Weight Chart For Men And Woman Body

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The Perfect Woman Body Type Throughout History

Women Get Photoshopped Into Their Ideal Body Types

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