The internet is helping faithful young Catholics find love

Catholic singles uk dating Slice 1 In March 1920 an advertisement appeared in a German Catholic newspaper that would change the history of the Catholic Church. They soon married and Maria gave birth to three children; Georg, Maria and Joseph. But the modern equivalent — Catholic dating websites — are producing happily-ever-afters for Catholics. In some respects, this makes sense. In our busy single lives, how often do we attend Mass at the same time and same location every week? How regularly are we free to attend parish events and how often will we meet someone young and single there?


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Launched in summer 2015, it is attracting hundreds of new members each month. In 2013 I was a typical single Catholic living in London. Like many I originally moved to the city for work with no local Catholic connections, and it took over a year to get involved with a wonderful young adults group in my local parish in Ealing. Balancing difficult work commitments that involved lots of late nights and travel, it was hard to meet as many new people as I would have liked, so I started looking at Catholic online dating.

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What Do Catholic Guys Look For In Women??

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