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Consolidating databases Reduced complexity Higher service levels The cost reduction piece seems obvious — a smaller number of servers cost less to buy and run than a larger number, right? Think about the reduced administration costs, particularly if you design your service properly i. Now think about the potential reduction in license costs. And an often-overlooked area of saving is the reduction in failures and outages caused by having a tightly designed and standardised operating model i. Increased agility is as important as cost reduction , something which may come as a surprise to those who are used to concentrating on technical rather than business challenges. To a CIO, the ability to react quicker, to take advantage of new opportunities as soon as they become apparent, is equally as important as controlling the bottom line. Automatic provisioning has to be a default requirement in the design.


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Follow. Refining plans for database consolidation Database consolidation can bring a number of benefits to your clients, such as lower licensing costs, easier maintenance and a reduced risk of server failure. But there are times when it makes more sense not to consolidate a server. This installment of our Database Consolidation Services Hot Spot Tutorial lays out the process for helping your customers choose which servers should be consolidated, and which should be left alone. Share this item with your network. By Yuval Shavit, Features Writer The first step in any database consolidation project is to determine which servers to include in the project. This step is necessary because, while SQL Server sprawl can cost your clients time and money , addressing that sprawl comes with its own cost. It will likely require hardware upgrades, and you might need to reconfigure some of the databases or the applications that use them.

Oracle Exadata: Consolidating Database Applications

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Michelle A. Poolet Apr 18, 2007 How many database servers do you have in your organization?

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