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Cotton commercial dating Museum of Agriculture From the time of the pharaohs to the present, agriculture has played an essential role in Egyptian history. In 1930, during the period of King Farouk, the Egyptian government decided to establish the Agricultural Museum, as a historical and scientific museum botanical, agricultural and economic to trace the history of agriculture in the country, from prehistory to modern times. Today the Museum of Agriculture is located in the renowned district of Dokki in the city of Cairo. Like a citadel, it is surrounded by walls and consists of a set of palaces and exhibition halls spread over a large botanical park. The ancient palace of Princess Fatma, daughter of Khedive Ismail, was selected and adapted to accommodate the heart of the museum. Opened on January 16, 1938, this was the first museum of agriculture in all the world. The facade of the old palace was adorned with reliefs of plants and animals.


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Inheritance of different fiber colors in cotton Gossypium barbadense L. Cotton fiber color is a genetically inherited trait resulting from the presence of pigments intermingled with cellulose. Inheritance of fiber color is relatively simple, with high heritability, but in wild accessions it is still unknown.

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