Before You Sell, Call Tracer Electric for a Mobile Home Certification

Csa number for mobile home Visit www. Posted. November 13, 2015 Regardless of how or where a building is constructed, the authority having jurisdiction e. In effect, this means that homes constructed to the standard are deemed to comply with the code. Local authorities rely on the Z240 MH label to confirm acceptability. It defines the quality-control procedures and staff that a plant must have in place to ensure that the products are built properly and in accordance with the relevant standards and codes. The 2016 edition of the A277 Standard covers the procedure for certification of prefabricated buildings, modules and panels, providing for the certification of the plant quality program and the product built, auditing of the plant quality program, and in-plant inspection of the product built. The A277 Standard does not cover those portions of structures, components or services that are not factory-installed, nor subsequent transport and installation at the site.


When a trailer is manufactured in Canada, its manufacturer applies a decal, usually on the exterior near the front door, with its CSA number, and sometimes inside the home in the kitchen or electrical panel. Often, owners will make upgrades or additions to their manufactured homes. When this is done, they often inadvertently cover up or destroy the CSA label which can cause serious problems when it comes time to sell. I recently read a case where a buyer renovated the kitchen of the manufactured home she had bought. This lady had unfortunately removed the kitchen cabinets including the CSA sticker.

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