Who Is Rafael Dating On 'Jane The Virgin'? Jane's Ex Is Finally Moving On & Maybe She Should, Too

Dating jane By Sarah Ellis 2 weeks ago As Jane the Virgin fans gear up for the series finale on July 31, things are looking uncertain for the heroine, Jane Villanueva. To help myself deal with all this drama, I wanted to find out who the Jane the Virgin stars date in real life. The CW show has had a pretty iconic five-season run, and the cast has become super close since the first season aired in October 2014. When filming for the series wrapped up in April 2019, several cast members shared sentimental photos commemorating their time together. Rodriguez posted an adorable video on Instagram showcasing moments from the wedding, which was filled with family and friends. The best part?


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After Jane returned from Montana, she made it abundantly clear that she was ready to go all-in with her baby daddy. Rafael, however, informed her it was too late to go back to how things were before Michael showed up. And in "Chapter 92," Jane learns that her ex is dating someone, which comes as an unpleasant surprise. And while it's not revealed who Rafael is dating on Jane the Virgin , that he's moving on could spell trouble for Team Jafael. How many times have Jane and Rafael broken up, only to reconcile?

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