What To Know If You Love Someone With High-Functioning Anxiety

Dating someone with high functioning anxiety Your whole world feels amazing whenever you're with that certain someone. Their smell, their touch - everything about them just makes you the happiest person alive. You feel like you couldn't be any happier than you already are and everything they do just is enough to make you head-over-heels in love. I, on the other hand, will probably never feel the same way that most people feel when they're in love because of my interaction with others, the world, and most importantly, my mind. I suffer from high-functioning anxiety, as well as depression and minor signs of PTSD. I struggle with properly functioning in a normal relationship without constantly worrying about how my significant other feels about me. I constantly fear that I am not enough and that I do not meet expectations that my significant other has of girls and that if he doesn't feel satisfied with who I am, he is going to get tired of me and leave me.


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But then things started to get a little tense. It was as if their dynamic was completely different when they were together compared with when they were apart. Paul would check in often but repeatedly want to know where she was or who she was with. He was self-disparaging, especially if she was busy and unable to respond to his messages for a while. The negativity seemed to get heavier and heavier; eventually, Ariel brought it up with Paul when they were together.

10 Signs of High Functioning Anxiety

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Take relationships, for example. Having anxiety in a relationship might mean someone develops habits that affect how well they communicate with their partner , how they handle conflicts, or even what they feel like doing as far as couple-y activities and dates go.

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