Understanding the Grounds for Divorce in Maryland

Divorce grounds in maryland In legal terms, this reason or reasons is your grounds for divorce. You or your spouse will need to prove these grounds in court in order for the judge to grant you divorce. Keep in mind that your reasons for divorce have to fit into one of the categories outlined by law in order to count as legitimate grounds for divorce in Maryland. And our Owings Mills divorce attorneys are here to help you choose the right grounds to build your case. Cruelty or Excessively Vicious Conduct These are actually two separate grounds for divorce, but both of them have to do with abusive spouses.


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Absolute Divorce - An absolute divorce fully dissolves the marriage and usually resolves all related issues, including property. After an absolute divorce is finalized, the parties may remarry. When a party can file for an absolute divorce depends on which ground for divorce they can meet.

How Much Does It Cost To File Divorce In MD

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Desertion - Actual and Constructive Desertion Desertion is a fault-based ground for divorce. Desertion may be actual or "constructive.

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Free Consultation The Basics of Divorce in Maryland The end of a marriage is always a difficult time on an emotional and financial level, and it also comes with the added stress of the related legal process. The couple is still considered to be in a marital relationship, and the Court will only consider issues of child custody, support, visitation, use and possession of the marital home, and the possibility of spousal support. They will not divide marital property unless there is a voluntary settlement in writing. While most people who are seeking a divorce want an absolute divorce, there are some situations when a person might need to pursue a limited divorce. You may obtain an Absolute Divorce through a settlement by mediation or a trial.

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