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Eurobarometer data 2017 These have included modules on material deprivation drawing on the concept of publicly perceived necessities. In 2007 the EU conducted a survey into attitudes to necessities to explore whether the concept of socially perceived necessities see consensual method could be utilised across the member states. This 2007 survey enabled direct comparisons on people's attitudes to what items and activities count as necessities to be made across a wide range of countries with different cultural backgrounds and different levels of economic development and is therefore a comprehensive test of the idea of socially perceived necessities. It found considerable agreement across member states, despite the cultural and economic differences, and since 2009, the EU-SILC surveys have used a set of indicators of material deprivation, based on this commonly agreed list of necessities. Those classed a materially deprived were those who could not afford these necessities as opposed to those who chose not to have that item , utlising the concept of an enforced lack of necessities as developed in Breadline Britain surveys Mack and Lansley, 1985.


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Does left-wing orientation and its links with other socio-political questions exist as more or less one configuration found throughout all European countries, or are there differences which divide, rather than unite the left across the European Union? This article intends to point out the common features of the European left and define some national and regional differences. The data for this analysis has been collected from the International Social Survey and Eurobarometer in which people have been asked how they position themselves in terms of left and right on a scale of 1 to 10. In addition, Eurobarometer surveys also sometimes include a question on voting intentions in European or national elections.

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