“Where Can I Go to Meet….”- Expat Meeting Points in Budapest

Expat dating budapest Read on! Budapest has always been known for its international flavor and, since the early 1990s, boasts an even greater number of expatriates expats living here. As in any city of this size in the world, however, you have to know where to go and how to meet these people. For ease of reference, the list is alphabetical order. The group holds social events and publishes an Internet Newsletter.


There are 23 districts in total in Budapest. Many countries have signed Visa Waiver Agreements with Hungary. You will need a work and residence permit if you plan to move to Budapest for a long period of time. Public transport in Budapest is efficient and preferable to driving on the hectic roads. Budapest, located in Northern Hungary, is still a rather underestimated expat destination.

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Why we chose to LIVE IN BUDAPEST (+Sunday markets & Beer gardens)

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