Find a Travel Partner: Safe Options and Some to Avoid

Finding a female travel partner This page is for women travelers who are looking for female travel companions. It happens. You're an inveterate solo traveler but sometimes you get fed up with your own company. You don't necessarily want to 'hook up' or travel with a group. You just want some girlfriend travel. You need a female travel companion.


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Aged 19, I was looking for an adventure. I had essentially been halfway around the world and back but as a tourist and not a backpacker. I would say that, for me, this was definitely the case. With all my friends being broke — on account of spending all their cash on dressing up and beer at university — it was hard to find anyone to go with at all. Everybody thought it was a great idea, jumping at the chance to travel the world but when it came down to booking the flights; people bailed.

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While in recent years we have received fewer requests for help finding travel partners, they are still coming in. Back in 2015 there was a lively discussion on matching services for solo travelers on the Solo Travel Society on Facebook. There were three main perspectives. The majority of people considered this service counter to solo travel. I used Meetup.

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