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Fun facts about 27 dresses And yes, that means yet another bridesmaid dress for her overflowing closet, and encounters with Kevin the wedding reporter, played by James Marsden at perhaps his most charming. So how did the influential film, one of the best romantic comedies of our time, come to be? But she has been in so many weddings, and I was really fascinated not just by the idea of being a perpetual bridesmaid, but the inveterate people-pleaser. He had some of those people-pleasing qualities himself, so he really related to that. We took it out and we pitched it I think 9 or 10 places, and virtually everyone said no.


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By Mary Grace Garis July 9 2015 If you haven't had the joy of being a bridesmaid yet, chances are, pop culture has already assured you that it's completely awful. With tons of movies produced about how stressful and chaotic being a bridesmaid or, gasp, maid of honor can be, Hollywood has hammered the idea into many people's heads that being apart of a bridal party looks like it blows — and that's why I'm a little convinced that Katherine Heigl's character in 27 Dresses , who is a willing bridesmaid 27 times over, is sort of insane. Yeah, the movie basically the entire plot falls apart from that crazy idea alone. I'll rehash the plot quickly here before we get started breaking down those ridiculous moments. Romantic, compliant, and criminally insane Jane has been the perfect bridesmaid again and again, but will her sister's engagement to the guy she's secretly in love with set her off the edge? And what will happen with the dashingly handsome writer who seems to be pursuing her despite their constant heated bickering?

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From Quiz. 27 Dresses click to play it. Question by author guitargoddess. Answer. Baseball player Jane had, of course, 27 dresses in her closet, as well as shoes, handbags and other accessories. The Southern Belle dress was big and poofy, the Cowgirl came complete with a hat, and the underwater outfit involved flippers and a snorkel. Other dresses that were shown were a very tight and short hot pink one that Jane wore to a Las Vegas wedding, a Japanese kimono, and lots involving puffy sleeves, lots of ruffles, and many other ugly things.

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