How to approach teaching gender equality to boys and girls

Gender sensitivity activities for students And we should! From the glass ceiling, to the lack of educational opportunities for women around the world and the gender pay gap, there are unfortunately a plethora of topics to choose from. But as we focus on justice it is also important that we examine gender equity through other domains of social justice education. In doing so, the narrative of gender equity becomes multi-dimensional, and students can understand how gender equity relates to their multiple social identities identity and different groups in society diversity. They can also begin to make plans for what they can do to stand against the injustices women and gender-nonconforming people face action. In addition to teaching lessons that address the multiple social justice domains, here are a few tips for teaching about gender equity.


gender inequality

Their memories are alive through their students, who quote them. Fatima Jinah Aristotal We still quotes these great teachers. Teachers have the power to bring about change. They shape young minds.

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Gender sensitivity activity workshop

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Muskaan ¦ Animated Short Film on Gender Equality and Female Foeticide

Games for Gender Equality