3 Reasons Why A Great Date Does A Vanishing Act

Girl went cold after second date Hi guys, ive got a complicated problem that i could really do with some insight with! Arranged for our first date for last sat night. However the night before date, she wanted to add me to Facebook, and i noticed we shared a mutual female friend, someone I get one really well with, as does she - they're actully very close freinds in fact. I did think this may have a been an issue but then kinda forgot about it. This mutual friend may also 'possibly' kinda likes me...


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Quote. Originally Posted by Phenx I 26 met this girl 21 from an online dating site and right off the bat i asked if she wanted to get drinks and she responded saying she is interested in meeting up. After this she kinda wouldn't respond then I'd offer something else she would respond then nothing. I kept pursuing in different ways until I realized I had to give her something more juicy.

He looked so handsome in his black pants, white shirt and sport coat. She couldn't believe how nice he had dressed for a date with her. She loved that he so wanted to impress her. A mutual friend had introduced them so she felt comfortable with Mike's suggestion that he pick her up.

The ultimate revenge (HOT 96.9 Boston second date)

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