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Godly expectations in a relationship Unbelieving Spouse Relationship Expectations to Consider Before Marrying The following exercises are designed to help you explore some of your expectations. Plan to spend time thinking carefully about each area that is applicable to you. Both of you should write your thoughts down on a separate pad of paper, then share them. Each point is meant to stimulate your own thinking. You may also have expectations in numerous other areas. Please consider every expectation you can think of that seems significant to you, whether or not it is listed here.


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Beware of rashness, but with energy and sleepless vigilance, go forth and give us victories. For here, in one bold stroke, Lincoln told Hooker exactly what he thought of him both good and bad and precisely what he expected. He offered support and assistance, he encouraged his general to take the initiative and do the right thing. Then Lincoln gave Hooker the letter so that he could take it with him and ponder their conversation more thoroughly.

Unmet Expectations in Relationships: Biblical Advice that Will Give You Hope

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What does the Bible say about expectations? Question. "What does the Bible say about expectations?

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If you are single and not ready for a relationship, you can benefit from this post it will help you prepare for a great relationship in the future. Let me just say… I am certainly NOT a relationship expert. Far from it. And I still need to work on many of the things I am about to talk about! Throughout the friendship stage, courting, getting engaged and planning a wedding… we keep God, His Word, and prayer in our relationship, we try to stay on the same page, we communicate well, we have fun together and we try to stay focused on the well-being and happiness of the other person.