The Real Taste of Indonesian Cuisine at Betawi

Indonesian restaurant dubai jlt November 11, 2018 This is a small Indonesian restaurant in karama. It is not an upmarket place, but it has a very homely feel to it and I really liked that. The food too is presented in a homely way without any frills and tastes so too. We started with the tahu isi which is a tofu based dish. I liked the taste of this one, and it tasted great with the sauces that they give you on the side. On that note, the sambal here was really spicy the way it is supposed to be. It wasn't toned down like a lot of other places do, so have it sparingly.


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From food prepared by local Indonesian chefs, using ingredients imported from Inndonesian to being served by native Indonesian staff — all of who go out of their way to make your dining experience a very memorable one through their homely interiors and friendly hospitality. Soto Betawi You might confuse this for a Thai broth, thanks to its coconut base, but the Indonesia Soto Betawi has its own unique personality. Served in a large bowl, this specialty soup is just what I needed to keep the winter breeze at bay. Flavored with an array of ingredients including cabbage, steamed rice and diced tender beef, it is served alongside the famous spicy sambal.

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