Brian McFadden passionately kisses girlfriend Danielle Parkinson

Is brian mcfadden dating alex He then went on to carve out a career as a solo artist, talent show judge and TV host, and he recently starred in this year's series of Dancing on Ice. Brian is dating a high school PE teacher who works in Rochdale - a far cry from the famous exes he's settled down with before. Danielle was introduced to the singer by crooner Cole Paige. How did Brian injure his shoulder on Dancing On Ice? Brian partially dislocated his shoulder during rehearsals on Saturday, January 12. His accident followed another nasty fall during rehearsals , which was exclusively revealed by The Sun Online.


The couple have kept their romance low-key, but Danielle regularly appears on Brian's social media posts, including photos with his two daughters, Molly and Lilly-Sue. Brian also posted a rare tribute to his girlfriend, proving just how devoted he is to the schoolteacher in April. He shared a picture of Danielle enjoying the view on a sunny day, and wrote next to it. "True love is when you capture the one you love unknown to them and they still look the way you see them when feel your strongest love for them.

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