Jason pitts actor LGBT foster children charity jasonanddemarco. Now based just outside of Nashville in Franklin, Tenn. We caught up with them last week by phone. Their comments have been slightly edited for length. Were you hoping to get closer to the music biz?


Plenty of celebrities' kids go on to become stars themselves. There's a whole slew of famous actors with equally famous parents. Some of these examples may totally blow your mind.

(Funny!) Brandy & Brittany Daniel Fight 'For The Love of Jason Pitts!'

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Kumail Nanjiani in talks to join Angelina Jolie in Marvel's 'The Eternals' Angelina Jolie spent a good decade transforming her image from a wild child who wore vials of blood around her neck to a latter-day Mother Teresa, ministering to refugees and war-zone orphans. But St. Around August 1, Pitt asked Jolie, through lawyers, to end the marriage as soon as possible, even before the high-profile couple has worked out a custody schedule and financial agreement. Through her team, Jolie asked her ex to wait a week to consider his request — then filed her own motion, requesting the exact same thing.

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