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Liza koshy instagram edits In addition to recently announcing its milestone of 1 billion monthly active users and introducing IGTV , Instagram also just rolled out three new features first previewed at the Facebook F8 Conference back in May. The three features—video chat , topic channels, and more camera effects—enhance the already-popular app and give you some exciting new toys to play with. Video Chat The video chat icon is located on the upper-right corner. You can now set up a video chat with another user or a group in Instagram Direct. For a group, you can video chat with up to four people. To access the video chat, go to Direct, click on a conversation, and click the camera icon on the top right corner. When an active video chat is occuring, the camera icon will turn blue.


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Look no further! We have compiled the top techniques used by the best Instagram influencers to create a unique Instagram aesthetic. Instagram is arguably the best photo and video-sharing social media platform and has become essential for bloggers, business owners, travelers, and recreational users! As Instagram progresses, posting cute photos is no longer enough. An aesthetic feed is a necessity if you want to receive more followers and engagements.

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June 26 2018 Instagram Everyone knows that one of the best things about filming an Instagram Story is getting to play around with the different effects on the app. Why snap a plain selfie of yourself unfiltered when you could post a selfie of yourself with fake cat ears and a nose? Why take a video of your regular face when you could take a video of yourself with a gigantic mouth that takes over the entire screen? These are the important questions in life.

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We have all seen them. We have all tried them. And unfortunately, we have all failed at them. These are some questions we must ask ourselves when toying with the subject of aesthetic. 1.