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Most hated movies of all time Page 5 Daredevil 2003 The Movie. Marvel banked on the growing popularity of comic-book movies to launch the cult property about a blind lawyer fighting crime with sonar-sense. Why It Was Hated. 2003 was the year when Ben Affleck became the bloggers' whipping boy, so there was no escape - even if the better-received Director's Cut suggested that studio mishandling was largely to blame for the muddled tone and narrative. Typical Online Review. "Daredevil sucked because it was extremely corny. None of the characters were done in a way that made you actually care about them. It was just a very amateur movie in almost every aspect.


Pin0 0shares Movies will forever be a part of our daily lives. We watch them when we want to relax. We watch them we want to have fun with friends. We watch them when we want to laugh, shed some tears, or feel good.

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Had Eyes Wide Shut been released in the 1970s, in the midst of serious works by Ingmar Bergman, Bernardo Bertolucci, and Kubrick himself, it arguably would have been a sensation. But because it emerged in the same year as the likes of Big Daddy and Deuce Bigalow. Male Gigolo, it bored audiences who had expected to see a skin flick starring then-married Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman.

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They just have a history of being cinematic punching bags. Critics hate them, regular filmgoers hate them, everyone hates them. For the most part, the hate is warranted. It should be noted that Troll 2 and The Room have too much of a cult following to be including on this list.

My Top 20 Of My Most Hated Movies Of All Time

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Some of these movies got a Razzie Award for their terrible quality. Others actually got nominated and awarded an Academy Award, before the majority of movie-goers turned on them. All of these films are pretty tough to sit through, but which movies are the most hated of all time? However, many moviegoers have said the movie is undeserving of the awards unlike fellow nominee, Brokeback Mountain.