How to Fix Facebook News Feed Not Updating Issue

My newsfeed on facebook is not updating Now, click the option that says 'See First' - that's it! Unfortunately we don't have an easy way to communicate this to our existing audience thanks to the problem at hand, so if you're reading this please go ahead and spread the word to help us out! Trek Light Gear is a small business and your support here means a lot - go get yourself something awesome! And so began the slow road of building a following online. Community building is something that I came to love, and I spent countless hours doing whatever I could to help our Facebook page grow — contests, giveaways, trivia, you name it - and through it all I also kept things as personal as I could by sharing my own struggles and behind the scenes stories of running a small business all by myself. The Great Facebook Problem As the size of our Facebook community grew I naturally began investing even more time in nurturing it.


facebook news feed not updating 2018

Take control NOW! What shows up on Facebook newsfeed? News Feed is the constantly updating list of stories in the middle of your home page.

How to sort Facebook's News Feed chronologically on mobile

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facebook news feed not updating 2018

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