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New york city quora Prior to that, I spent the past two and a half years in San Francisco from when I was 22 to 24. I like both cities and often go back and forth between which I prefer and yes, the weather certainly has some sway on who I'd pick on a given day. I'll share my personal perspective, but ultimately no one can answer this question but you yourself the good thing is you're choosing between the two most desirable cities in US, so you can't really go wrong either way. Career I work in the tech industry as a product designer, and I don't buy that if you want to work in tech you need to live in San Francisco. If you're in technology, then you're well equipped with the internet and know that you can build a career pretty much anywhere in the world. That said, I do think that starting a career in tech is easier in San Francisco. Starting out in SF, I had access to a lot of experienced designers who became really great mentors.


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As far as I can see, the true answer is based on cultural norms and thepsychology of Manhattan as an island. There is almost this route that you are supposed to live where you are expected to live in Manhattan, in a shitty apartment with curtains as walls, with drug addict roomies, with crazy parties, and with no air conditioning. And that one day you move up, out and look back on those days with fondness. I live in central Manhattan and having lived in several cities, what strikes me is the incredible snobbery and judgement that New Yorkers have about where each other live.

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